iSMART Tragen Travel Adaptor

The Most Durable & Smartest Travel Adaptor

ISMART Tragen Travel Adaptor is one of the Smartest & Safest Travel adaptor for all to use. With its poly carbonate material housing , it is water & shock resistance.

Its 4 USB Outputs Ports powered with SMART USB Charging of 5 Ampere is ready to take on your device. Tragen comes with 2 Safety Fuses which allows you to replace the other when one is down.

It is so user friendly as Tragen is engineered using a Push And Slide mechanism so you to use.

iSMART Tragen Travel Adaptor

4 Individual Output Configuration With More than 150 Countries Coverage


2 Safety Fuse of 8 Amp Surge Protection

Protect The Adaptor with 2 Safety Fuse with 1 Being Backup

Tragen has 2 safety fuses that protects your electrical appliances with 8 Ampere current surge protection.

When 1 safety fuse has blow , you can use the alternative fuse by the side and replace it whenever you need.

4 USB Ports with Smart USB of 5 Amp

Fast USB Speed Charging with Smart USB

Tragen deploys 4 USB ports which can take up a maximum of 2.5 Amp of 1 USB Port.

The USBs ports are using a Smart USB Chip which supply’s higher current to whichever device requires more power and current.

With its Maximum 5 Ampere, it can evenly distribute the current evenly and smartly base on the device which you plug into the travel adaptor.

Engineered for Precision, Designed for Safety

Tragen Travel Adaptor is more than just a Travel Adaptor , Tragen is your Friend as well who take cares of you wherever you go

Push Slide For a Easy User Experience

No More Double Press Lock and Switches to Frustrate the User
Say No More to Double Lock and Switches which frustrate the users in order to use the travel adaptor.

All they need to do is to push slide in or out to activate the configuration they need

Red Safety Protection Slot

Protect Yourself when you insert a Pen & screwdriver Inside
There are cases where Kids insert a pen or screwdriver which short circuit and electrocute them. Therefore Tragen protect both the travel adaptor and the Kids with the Red Safety protection spring.

The Red Protectors are designed to prevent anyone from tampering and inserting any devices inside for safety precaution sake.

4 Outputs with > 150 Countries

Maximum World Wide Coverage
There are cases when many users need to twist the USA configuration to Australia which leaves it uneasy and dangerous for many to do so.

Therefore Tragen designed its maximum 4 Output ports with more than 150 countries covered which leaves no one behind anymore

Tragen Travel Adaptor

One of the World Most Safety , Durable & Practical Travel Adaptor

With its Double Safety fuse, Easy Push Sliding Out Spring mechanism . 4 USB Ports of 5 Amp Smart USB and its highly Durable Poly Carbonate Material , it can definitely be anyone best friend when travelling and commuting.

Its Compact designed allows the user to bring it anyone and comfortably without breaking or disintegrating any parts as Tragen is 1 entire piece design by itself.

High Durable Poly Carbonate Material

Shock and Water Resistance with maximum protection

Tragen uses high grade poly carbonate material which ensures it will not change its coating & finishing overtime . It will always be smooth and sleek with no complains of stickiness.

Its Polycarbonate material is water resistance as it will not allow water to penetrate into its devices.

With its strong frame and durable attributes, it can withstands knocks and drops when the users misplace or slips it out of its hands.

iSMART Tragen, Travel Adaptor

More than Just a Travel Adaptor , & Trust Tragen to do the Job

Easy USB Plug in Design With minimum interference

Tragen USB Port design are designed in a practical manner which allows you to plug in multiple devices without interfering the other latter device when plugged into the port.

Its 2 X 2 USB design allows you to plug in all 4 with the USB cables pointing away from each other leaving no entangle cables in the way.

Stays Firm & Strong When plugged in

There are cases when many travel adaptors either slipped or become loose with plugged into the power socket.

Tragen is here to solve the problem with its minimalist design and strong output grip.

When plugged in, Tragen stays firmly and securely into its origin and will allow you to use your appliances and devices with assurance.

101% Strong Maximum Protection Against all Knocks & Scratches

Tragen Travel Adaptor is packed into a Hard EVA foam case to protect against all scratches, knocks & dents when kept inside.

It internal foam cushion keep the travel comfortable inside the case whilst allowing you to keep when left unused and travelling

iSMART Tragen Travel adaptor

1 Traveller , 16 Colours And A Pleasant Experience

16 Different Colours Selection

Classic Black
Pure white
Champions Gold
Eco Green
Sky Blue
Bright Red
Straight Yellow
Vintage Grey
Fresh Purple
Sweet Pink
Fresh Orange

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