World Smallest Wireless Handsfree Speaker

Weighing a mere 33 Grams and the size of 2 fingers , this wireless handsfree speaker is sure to rock your meetings and room with it strong 28 mm strong driver.

Housed using aluminium lightweight material,  it is extremely light and portable  for anyone to use it anywhere they need it.

5 Different Premium Colour Options

iSMART Speaker pride itself as gold colour as its original colour which defines the class and exquisiteness of its product. Choose between the 5 colours base on your preferences as all colours brings out the beauty of the speaker. Aluminium Silver and Glossy Gold are the 2 favourites amongst our team as they outlines class and simplicity.

Aluminium Silver
Matte Black
Glossy Gold
Champagne Pink
Bright Blue

Premium Gift Box Packaging

Give this Speaker and Pamper Yourself Or Family & Friends

Don’t Worry about losing the Speaker anymore

With its keychain loop at the end of the speaker , iSMART allows you to tag the speaker to your smartphones and tablets which allows you to use the speaker anytime your phone requires you to.

Its lightweight and size allows you to keep the speaker and your phone together and slot into your bag seamlessly without worrying about losing your speaker anymore.

Stand Out From the Rest

You can now fit this speaker into your pockets, pouches and bags into any compartment given it size. iSMART Speaker is so small that you need only 2 fingers to pick it up

Its aluminium housing is smooth to carry and produce using high grade aluminium material. Therefore it is extremely durable and tested to use .

1 Small Speaker , Limitless Possibilities

iSMART Speaker More than a just a Speaker

Conferences & Meetings

You can now link your friends or colleagues into the meetings with this speaker. They can now attend their meeting whilst sitting at the comfort of their room.

User Friendly for All

There is only 1 button for user and nothing else. Do not need to worry about how supplicated how this device can be, as it only has 1 button for you to power up the device and switch off when not in use.

Firm Bottom Base

This speaker will stand by itself without you worrying whether it will roll or being displaced. It has a layer of anti fall which sets the speaker in place

Recharge the Speaker anywhere you are

With its micro USB interface , you can now charge the speaker at the comfort of your home , office or anywhere has a USB output.

Its charging interface is so convenient where it shares the same android cable for all android phones.

Now you just need to find a USB source and charge iSMART Speaker anywhere you are

Compatible with All

iSMART Speaker uses Bluetooth Version 4.0 and is sure to impress you
With its faster & high energy efficiency

iSMART Flyer World Smallest Speaker

More than you can even Imagine what It can be

A Class above the Others

iSMART Speaker pride itself apart from the rest of the speakers with its aesthetics and functionality. Its outlook lets the user use with confidence without any worrying about any outcast.

Handsfree & Conference Calls

You can now get your friends to join in the discussion without worrying about where they are. Place the speakers within the discussion, and your friends are ready to share the discussion topic with you.

Small Size Microphone, Big Listening Ears

iSMART Speaker has a small micrphone at the bottom of the base hide away from the speaker. It can hear and record whatever you are saying within a room coverage

Technical characteristics

200 Mah Battery

You can know talk up to 6 Hours and standby the speaker up to 10 Hours

Handsfree For Drivers

You can now listen to music and answer calls with this speaker

Compatible for All

Compatible for Android / Apples / Smart Devices / Desktops and Laptops

Camera Selfie Button

Use the Speaker to snap a photo on your phone with your love ones

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