Swivel USB Dongle

Simple Spin the USb and plug into the CPU to start your presentation

Don’t worry about losing the USB Dongle anymore

You will just need to spin out the USB from the cap when you need to present.
Keep back the Cap back to the Pen when you are done

Detachable Pen & Stylus Smart Pen

Allows you to interchange pen or stylus in event or presenting or writing

Gel Base Ink Pen

No More Water Ink leaking or ink smudging. Gel Base Ink Pen has a smooth and pleasant writing experience

Red Laser Pointer

Allows you to highlight and point to important points during presentation

Presentation Buttons

Go back and forth during your presentation without using the wireless mouse. DO your presentation as a professional presenter

Laser Engraving Branding

Make your Logo prominent when you plug into the CPU.

Lasting & Permanent Impression

A Stay forever logo is etched onto the Pen which will leaves a lasting impression. With your clients, family and friends

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