iSMART GRIFIN 10000Mah Powerbank

The Smartest Premium Powerbank To date

Griffin is designed for people on the go who needs power and practicality at the same time.

With its in built cable design for Apple & Android and a Type C Adaptor, it is ready for you to charge on the go regardless where you are.
You don’t not need to worry about bringing additional cables anymore for your family and friends.

Its compact Housing design is for people to charge their phone without hindering their usage at the front.

iSMART GRIFIN 10000mah Powerbank

1 Smart Design , 6 Individual Colours & A Happy Customer

GRIFIN Powerbank is for tailored for all people around the world given its smart design and compact housing. Therefore we built 6 different colours to tailored to different people for different needs. There are 6 different colour designs which we aim to share this awesome product with everyone

6 Unique Colours selection

Classic Black – Founders Favourite

Rose Gold – Ladies Top Choice

Champion Gold – Customers #1 Favourite

Gun Metal Grey – Guns Favourite Choice

Fiery Red – Senior Customers Popular Model

Royal Blue – Millennials Favourite

Royal Blue

Royal Blue – Millennials Favourite
Teenagers & Young Adults

Classic Black

Classic Black  – Founders Favourite
Working Crowd and Office People

Champion Gold

Royal Blue – Millennials Favourite
Teenagers & Young Adults

Rose Gold

Royal Blue – Millennials Favourite
Teenagers & Young Adults

Gun Metal Grey

Royal Blue – Millennials Favourite
Teenagers & Young Adults

Fiery Red

Royal Blue – Millennials Favourite
Teenagers & Young Adults

Easy For All To Use

Plug & Play With Your Smart Phones & Devices

Grifin Power bank has no need for any buttons as everything is smart enough to move by itself.
The cable has a Plug & Play function where you can plug the cable directly to your phone and use it instantly without any switches and controls.

There is another USB outlet for you to use should you require another additional Cable to charge your friend phone or if you decided to use the other latter cable.

Android & Apple Phones Compabiltiy

Wear the Connector Cover to Convert from Android to Apple Cable

The Built in Cable comes with a grove on the side of the power bank to you to easily extract the built in cable .

Simple follow a 3 steps proceed to convert the android to apple Connector and charge your apple phone instantly from the cable.

Grifin also comes with an optional Type C Connector inside the box for you to interchange the apple to Type C Connector over it.

3 Easy Steps To Change Connector. The easy Way to change your Android to Apple Connector Head

Step 1 : Pull and Extract the Cable on the Top of the Power bank

Step 2 : Plug in the Connector of the cable into the apple connector slot inside

Step 3 : Pull out the Cable and you can Charge your apple Phones Now

Grifin let you use your phone comfortable while charging and taking
care of your Phone from the Back of it.

Say no More to long dangling messy cables and don’t need to worry about bringing additional cables from now on

Take a Selfie Photo With Ease

No More Disturbing cables that hinders your Selfie Photo
You can take Photos & make video Calls with your Front Camera While charging your phones without any worrying if messy long cables.

Text & Send Emails With Grifin

No More Long Cables At the bottom of the Phones
You can now use your phone easily and comfortables without worrying your fingers getting caught at the long cables at the bottom of your phones.

See Alerts & Notifications Instantly

Don’t need to worry about entangled cables anymore
You can now charge your phones in a very neatly and organised manner and packed them nicely in your bag, purse and organiser.

Smart Shake Sensor Battery Indicator

Simply Shake The Powerbank and check out how much power is left on GRIFIN

GRIFIN does not use any traditional button controls as it uses a vibration shake sensor to monitors its battery percentage left on the device.

You can now shake GRIFIN and check out the 4 LED lights on the top and ascertain how much power is left on the powerbank.

Premium Packaging Gift Box Set

Differentiates itself as a Class above the rest of the Power banks

GRIFIN is packed inside a Custom EVA Box Set and covered with a Gift Box.

Armed the accessories from Velvet Pouch , Charging Cable , Manual and Type C Connector under the box.
You can now give this set to anyone regardless if they are a Apple , Android or Type C Phone User.

It is packed in a manner where it stands out more than a powerbank and it sure to impress anyone who receiver the GRIFIN powerbank Gift Box Set.

GRIFIN 10000mah Powerbank

Charges Apple , Android & Type C Devices

Boasting a Powerful capacity of 10000mah, GRIFIN can definitely charge up your phones and tablets more than 1 time without any worrying that the power insufficient.

Its fast USB output current of 2 Ampere can definitely double boast and charge up your phone in the fastest shortest time manner.
Apple Phones : Charges 3 to 4 Times
IPADS : Charges 2 to 3 Times

Android Phones : Charges 3 to 4 Times
Android Tablets : Charges 2 to 3 Times

Type C Phones : Charges 2 to 3 Times

Premium Aluminium Material

Classy, Elegant & Premium A Cut Above the Rest
GRIFIN Powerbank is made from Lightweight Aluminium material. Therefore it would not rust , fade and deteriorate overtime. It last a smooth premium finishing for the user to use and keep for a long period of time.

Minimalist Design

Slim , Practical & Light
GRIFIN designed to charged behind the phones has a thin thickness without losing its capacity and power. With its 8 MM thickness, it can be kept into a Leather Pouch or Bag easily without any worries of insufficient spaces.

Charge 2 Phones at the Same Time

You can 1 Built in Cable + 1 USB Slot
GRIFIN has 2 options and ways where you can charge your phones. With its in built cable and its USB slot, you can even charge 2 phones and devices at the same time without any worries as GRIFIN is built with fast charging capabilities.

Palm Size Powerbank with Multiple Abilities

4 LED Lights + Apple & Android Connector with Type C Connector Add On

GRIFIN uses not only fast charging cables and it also has fast charging input abilities which allows the user to charge up the powerbank is double quick time.

Its compact design allows both apple android and a change to Type C Connector , leaves no one behind as all 3 type of phone users can use the powerbank as well. Its 4 LED Indication lights will show you the power left in the device allowing you to recharge the device When you need to

Size of a Card , Power of a Car

ts minimalist design allows anyone to use and keep the powerbank into its bag and pouch comfortable without worrying it will take up a big space from your bag.

GRIFIN is even equipped with a leather Pouch for you to slot it in and allows you to bring it overseas and travel with ease and comfort without even worrying about the power and space.

6 Unique Colours selection

Classic Black – Founders Favourite

Rose Gold – Ladies Top Choice

Champion Gold – Customers #1 Favourite

Gun Metal Grey – Guns Favourite Choice

Fiery Red – Senior Customers Popular Model

Royal Blue – Millennials Favourite

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