The Smartest & Most Portable

Wireless Keyboard.

The most user friendly keyboard that automatically powered on and off when you fold it to your desired state.

Equipped with a wireless mouse ability and its ability to toggle between 3 devices, this keyboard is sure to let you perform all
The tasks that you require anytime you need.

iSMART Wireless Foldable Keyboard

The 1st Foldable Keyboard that comes with a Touch Pad and able to Pairs up to 3 Devices 1 Keyboard , Multiple Configurations and Unlimited Ways TO Use

At your Personal Time
During a catch up with your friends
During a Meeting with your colleagues

Docking Stands for Phones & Tablets.

This Extendable Docking Stands allows you to dock and place your smart devices and transform into a mini work station.

There are so many different configurations where you can place the smart devices base on your preference.

  • Configuration 1 : 2 Smart Phones
  • Configuration 2 : 1 Tablet + 1 Smart Phone
  • Configuration 3 : 2 Mini Tablets
  • Configuration 4: 1 Big Tablet
  • Other Configuration : 1 Smart Phone or 1 Tablet Standalone by itself

Transform Your Smart devices into a Work Station.

You can now send messages through the keyboard through your smart phones. Instant messaging and skype are now made easier and faster with this keyboard.

Sending emails are now made better and faster when your smart devices are place in front of the keyboard which function as a mini Desktop.

Lastly you can now tabulate reports and type minutes with a cursor in build for Android devices which allows you to move around the trackpad like a wireless mouse.

Lightweight Military Aluminium Material

Its Aluminium housing material is free from scratches and dust , which allows users to use the keyboard with ease and confidence. With its Lightweight Aluminium material, this keyboard is lightweight and allows user to bring it without the worry of weight.

The keyboard is inbuilt with 2 black hinges which allows user to open the keyboard without damaging the aluminium housing.

Durable Material Housing

With its durable military aircraft grade housing , you can now Bring this keyboard anywhere and anytime you need

In Built Wireless Mouse

You can now control a wireless mouse in this keyboard. It comes with a track pad with Left and right clicks .

Shortcut Phone Buttons

You can access email , home button and play music tracks on your smart devices with a touch of shortcut buttons on the top of the keyboard

Stylish, Classy & Elegance

iSMART Keyboard looks exquisitely goo on the outside and inside, hence it can matches with any smart devices and bags that you are using .

With it seamlessly outlook and premium finishing, people are using this keyboard are part of the branding and setting the trend for many to follow.

iSMART Wireless Foldable Keyboard

The 1st Foldable Keyboard that comes with a Touch Pad and able to Pairs up to 3 Devices 1 Keyboard , Multiple Configurations and Unlimited Ways TO Use

Great For Travel & Meetings

You can now bring your keyboard to a meeting and don’t need to worry about keeping in your bag given its small elegance size when kept. Travellers and business expats can also bring this keyboard when they travel and forget about worrying on oversize baggage’s.

3 Easy Steps

This keyboard can be unfold very easily via 2 simple Steps.
Step 1 : Open the 2 aluminium panels through the black hinges on the top
Step 2 : Flip Open the phone stand through the groove the middle
Step 3 : Flip out and Display the extendable phone stands.
You can keep the keyboard in a faster split second by reversing the steps.

Wireless Trackpad

You can now use the wireless trackpad on the right side on the keyboard to move the cursor on your smart devices. Highly Sensitives with high DPI for high accuracy of trackpad
*Cursor does not applies to Apple devices

Technical characteristics

210 Mah Battery

Charge Time < 2 Hours Standby Time Up to 3 Months

Light Weight

220 Grams Unfolded Dimension : 270 X 90 MM

Finger Spring Buttons

This Keyboard use the same buttons as our keyboard which Allows you to type with minimum errors .

Pair 3 Devices

You can use 3 devices with this keyboard with it auto toggling feature.

Balance Stand

Equipped with a firm balance stand at the bottom for firm easy typing.

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