Your Smartest Charging Cable & Buddy

This Leather Braided Cable is the 1st of its kind that integrate both apple and android in its single connector head.

With its Fast charging 2.4 Amp ability and Key chain design, it allows user to tag their personal belongs and keys to the Cable

Deboss Leather Logo With Laser Engrave Brand.

With its 4 different Leather colours, you can now choose the best fitted colour to represent your brand and identity. With its iSMART deboss logo on its leather and laser engraved logo on the USB metallic housing, the brand has been brought to another level high.

Leather Brown
Classy Black
Brighter Red
Simple White

Leave No One Behind

You can now charge both apple and android with a simple flip of sides with this leather braided cable.

On top of its 2.4 Amp Fast charging ability, you can even do your data synchronizing from your phone to your computer.

Boast your Smart Devices with Our Fast Charge

You can now charge your devices efficiently and promptly with our fast charging cable. It allows you to boast your devices battery within a quick span or 15 minutes.

Here are some good tips to further boast your charging process

  1. Close all running apps at the back ground
  2. Switch your Lighting mode to its dimmest
  3. Switch your Phone mode to battery saving mode

Not just a Cable , But a Friend

iSMART Cable does not allow charges your devices but it allows you to perform functions beyond that. You can tag your bags on the other end of the cable and tag your keys on the keychain section. With its premium outlook, this Cable is the perfect gift for your friends and love ones.


We can now take care against loose and worn off cables With this housing protection

Classy & Durable

Its leather braided cable has a classy outlook which sets itself As a premium gifts for all to use.

Aluminium Housing

With its durable metallic USB cable housing, it protects the connector head and has a Another place for branding.

Charge Efficiently , Anytime Anywhere

You can retract and extend the leather cable up to your desired require length for you to charge.

With its 35 cm long cable, you can charge your devices with your powerbank, laptop and power source Anyway you like

Share the Love & Cable with your Friends

You can now share your charging cable with anyone who require a battery boast. There is no segregation between apple and android now , therefore you can share and give this cables to your friends, family and fellow colleagues. Now help and give your love ones the Cable of their live.

Detachable Design

You can detach the cable as a standalone cable for yuu to charge with power sources. With its cable hole in the middle of the keychain, you can retract and pull the cable of the 2 ends to the require length For you to charge your devices

Bag Hook + Key Chain

You can now hook your bags and pockets with the rounded leather cable design. On the other end of the metallic rounded keychain, it allows you to keep your keychains with the cable making It your friend.

Technical characteristics

More than a Cable

You can use thie cables and tag your personal Belongings and keys with it

Fast Charge + Data Sync

Apart from its 2.4 Amp fast charging, you can also transfer your files From your smart phones to your computers

Premium Gift & Cable

This cable position itself as a premium gift For you to give to your loves ones

Detachable & Retractable

You can remove the cable by itself out from the leather pouch or even retract oull the cable When the cable is too short for you to charge your devices

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