iSMART Skyer Smallest Wireless Speaker

iSMART Skyer World Smallest Wireless Handsfree Speaker is the best fitted gift for anyone in any industry . With its size and packaging packed with velvet pouch and accessories inside the box , This speaker is the #1 gift for your clients regardless of your industry and clientele type.

iSMART GRIFIN 10000mah Metallic Powerbank.

iSMART GRIFIN Powerbank is the gift for your clients and to anyone who owns a smartphone and frequently on the go .Sales personnel and C Level suites usually have more than 1 phone and they need the perfect powerbank to charge their phones Whenever they are in a meeting or travelling overseas aboard.

iSMART Tragen Travel Adaptor

This is the prefect gift to ship overseas and good for clients & Expats who are always travelling overseas. They would need Tragen to accompany them which allow them to charge their multiple phones and use their electrical devices at the same time.


iSMART DUO Cable is one of the best promotional gift given its appearance in the form of leather . Its premium outlook and leather material make it a prefect gift for your clients which allows them to charge both apple & android. It is also extremely light and small making it easy to ship to other countries.

iSMART GENESIS Wireless Keyboard

iSMART GENESIS Wireless Keyboard allows people to work anytime and anywhere they go. It is for businessman & woman who require to work on the plane , in their hotel room and anywhere they are. They are the top premium gift for your C level suites and Top Management . This is the Gift which will impress them when they receive the foldable wireless smart keyboard which allows them to pair up to 3 devices.

iSMART Klick Wireless Pen

Gone are the Days where people are worried about losing their USB dongle and worried that the Clickers are too big and bulky. Your client will be sure to be impressed by this 1st Wireless Clicker Pen where they are bring it everywhere to go. From meetings, Presentation and conferences , this Klick Pen will be the best gift for them to do their presentation and discussion.

iSMART Hugone Wireless Powerbank

Many clients have been receiving powerbanks and cables. But not many people are keeping them due to the incompatibility , speed and low power. Therefore Hugone Wireless Powerbank will be the prefect ideal practical gift for your client as they no longer need to bring additional cables or worries about slow & low power consumption of the powerbanks. Hugone can take care of your customers on your behalf.

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