World Smallest Wireless Handsfree Speaker.

Weighing a mere 33 Grams and the size of 2 fingers , this wireless handsfree speaker is sure to rock your meetings and room with it strong 28 mm strong driver.

Housed using aluminium lightweight material, it is extremely light and portable for anyone to use it anywhere they need it.

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5 Different Premium Colour Options.

iSMART Speaker pride itself as gold colour as its original colour which defines the class and exquisiteness of its product.

Choose between the 5 colours base on your preferences as all colours brings out the beauty of the speaker.

Aluminium Silver and Glossy Gold are the 2 favourites amongst our team as they outlines class and simplicity .

Leave No One Behind.

You can now charge both apple and android with a simple flip of sides with this leather braided cable.

On top of its 2.4 Amp Fast charging ability, you can even do your data synchronizing from your phone to your computer.

Transform Your Smart devices into a Work Station.

You can now send messages through the keyboard through your smart phones. Instant messaging and skype are now made easier and faster with this keyboard.

Sending emails are now made better and faster when your smart devices are place in front of the keyboard which function as a mini Desktop.

Lastly you can now tabulate reports and type minutes with a cursor in build for Android devices which allows you to move around the trackpad like a wireless mouse.

Creator of iSMART

MR Daniel Tan

Mr Daniel has been in this industry for a couple of years before he started the brand iSMART. The common problem are that people are unable to use their gadgets given its limited functions and not portable.

Therefore iSMART is here to create products to improve people lives and make our day to day task easier with our gadgets. It aims to integrate and streamline the functions, as well as making the product portable for travelling.

Retailers & Resellers

We are looking to sincere and  trust worthy retailers that can carry The brand of iSMART .Open to retailors in the E-commerce and B2C Trade

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Authorized Distributors that  believes and trust the brand of iSMART. We are looking for worldwide distributors of different countries to tailor and cater to the different customers and fans of iSMART

Corporate Queries

Companies  and Entities who would like to customize for their Events,  anniversaries and

Even as a form of marketing gifts for their clients .

iSMART Gadgets will be the 1st impression that your client receives.

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